Wednesday, November 18, 2009


wowww. i haven't blogged in a while haha.

i've been so busy with all this school work. it takes up a lot of time. plus most of the time i'm not here on weekends. i'm either here or at my boyfriends college since its way funner there then here on weekends. i actually stayed this past weekend and it was really boring. weekdays are funner haha. everyone goes homeeee. kinda sucks.

i just finished writing my essay three paper. i don't think it sounds too good. i wasn't shure how to put it together so it's definately not the best paper i've writtenn but that's okay cause i can just revise it later :]

registering for classes is going to be ridiculous. everyone is going to be trying to use webadvisor and it's gonna be so slowww. i really hope i get the classes i want. i'll be so upset if i don't. the schedule that i made has no friday classes its amazing :]
sooo, i'm pretty obsessed with this game on facebook called mousehunt. the RA upstairs pat showed me it and now i'm addicted. freakin patt. it's amazing though. i'm on it right now haha. everyones always like what are you playing? it's kind of slow and boring at first. but you get into it reall fast haha. you have to like sound this horn every fifteen minutes to catch mice so while im doing homework or studying or something i'll leave it up and click it everytime it pops up. pretty pathetic i know haha. and there's this new game that's called fishville. way better then freakin farmville. fish are way better then growing vegetables and flowers. it ways more exciting.
i'm reallyy tired right noww. i'm thinking about going to sleep early tonight since i've been getting like no sleep. monday through wednesday i have eight am classes and i've been going to be at like two. smart rightt? yeaah not such a good idea. i can't help it though. there's so much commotion going on in the dorms sometimes. i love it though. so much more freedom then being at home. my moms annoying at times with the whole curfew thing. but now i'm eighteen so my curfew better be laterr haha. :]
omg i have to tell you what my mom did for my birthday. it was horribleee. she sent me a singing elvis to my dorm room. SO embarassingg. everyone else was dying but i just wanted to get out of the dorm lol. i felt bad but the guy was kinda weird and i was embarassed haha.
and then during the weekend her and my sister came to visit me with my dogs :] i miss my dogss so much! i can't wait to see them this weekendd, and i get to see my boyfriendd :]
anywayss, i have to go help my friend with classes and then register! i'll blog some more later on this week. i have to catch up haha.
gooodnighttt. :]