Wednesday, October 28, 2009

rain blows.

this weather is terribleee. make the rain go awayyyyyy.
i hate this rain. its so gloomy and boring and depressingg. plus it really sucks walking to class in this rain. luckily my chem lab class got canceled today which i was really happy about since i hate that class :]
i just finished writing my essay 2 paper for english. feels good to be done with it. now i have chem homework due tomorrow plus a lovely calc exam today at 3.05. woo .. can't waitt .. [sarcasm]. this calc exam is gonna suck cause there is so much possible material on it that i don't even know what to expect. whateverr, we'll see what happens. luckily he lets us have a cheat sheet of an index card with whatever we'd like on it :] prettyy sweet rightt? rightttttt.
halloweens this weekendd! its gonna be alot of fun i think. my boyfriends coming up and we're both gonna be cops haha. he's sick right now. hopefully he feels better by then. hes going home thursday night to go to the doctors. and i'm going home thursday night to get some last minute stuff before halloween since i don't have any class on friday :] thats what i love about my calc teacher. he'll give us some fridays off which is amazingggg.
im pretty hungry so i think im gonna go eat noww.
i shall blog later.
adios. :]

Monday, October 19, 2009

busy weekendd.

i went home this weekend since i had a concert on saturday [which was amazing] pluss i had a horse show back home on sunday which went pretty well :]

friday night i was supposed to go to some haunted stuff like hayrides and corn mazes but it never really happened. i ended up just staying at my boyfriends and played some call of duty. i totally kicked his ass :] [notreally haha]

thennnnnn saturday i had an eye doctor appointment cause i needed new contacts. my visions still the same so thats a good thing. thennnnn we went to the concert to see all time lowwwww! wooo. they were playing with we the kings, hey monday, and friday night boys. they all did such an amazing job. hey monday joined in with one of all time lows song - it was so cute! heres a picture of one of the guitarists playing ontop of the speakers:

it was a really good show. i enjoyed myselfff :]
thennn the next morning i had a horse show at my old barn which i was really nervous about. i usually get nervous for shows [i've only shown 4 times haha] but i was more nervous about this show then any other one only because i used to write at this barn so i knew a lot of people who were there plus the trainers. and it was my first time showing in the division called pre-childrens. my division only had me and one other person though haha. and of course that one other person had to be like the best person at that barn. she used to live and texas and rode there most of her lifetime. and she has her own horse who she has been working with for a year and a half. ive only been riding for two and a half years lol. ohwell. i did pretty well i think. i got 2 firsts and 4 seconds. :] i was happy with the results considering all the above haha.
im so happy i just finished my midterm paper for english. that relieves so much stress. but i still have a bio exam on weds, plus a chem lab report due weds. and a quiz tomorrow on homework i didnt even do yet in chem. whenever i get work i get it like all at once. ill either never have work or have a shitload of work to do. its so annoying. whateverrrr, that's college.
im gonna go and attempt to do some workk. maybe get some studying in.
bye bye :]

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


so so i went home this weekend and it started out pretty goood. until sunday came along and i had a fever of 102.8. lovelyyy. so i didn't come back until monday night. i attempted going to class on tuesday and went to my biolab class at 8am but i ended up leaving early cause i really didn't feel good. and then i went to the health center and they switched my medicine that my doctor gave me from home. so i didn't go to english and im not feeling too good for chem. im gonna take a nap or something.
i have general chem lab tomorrow and i really can't miss that class. that teacher is ridiculous. especially his quizzes alone. he asks you about things that he never even taught us or maybe he did but its at a much more advanced level. even the way he words things i don't even understand what the question is asking. and ontop of all that he doesn't give us our lab work back to help you with on the quiz. he actually gave us the option in retaking the quiz with out lab work but honestly i don't even care anymore. he needs to learn how to teach better. you can tell he knows what he's talking about, he's just not so good at the teaching part. and i need to get an A for vet school. so we'll seeee what happens. luckily it averages in with our chem lecture class which im doing prettyy good in =]
anyways, im gonna take a nap.

Monday, October 5, 2009

halloween costume?

wooops. i haven't written in my blog in a while. its so easy to forgett. plus i've been really busy with school work lately. i feel like its all piling up so quicklyy. i have another calc exam on wednesday and its mostly word problems and i really hate work problems. i am definately going to need to go to a calc review tomorrow and study for it.

so not much has happened lately, just doing lots and lots of school work. this weekend was pretty good. my boyfriend came from thursday to sunday so that was nice =] nothing much happened this weekend. we were gonna go to the football house on saturday but luckily we didn't cause it got busted haha. we still had fun here thoughh. sunday i basically did laundry like all day. laundry here takes so long. especially in samuel since the freakin dryers take hourse and hours to dry things. so i just washed my clothes here and took them over to segal to dry and it went by pretty fast. it was a pretty good workout walking back and forth though haha. oh that reminds me i've finally been working out. i'm really happy about that. i've been wanting to workout to badly while i was here and finally did with the equestrian team. i'll be working out on tuesdays and wednesdays =] pretty happy about thatt.

i think i'm gonna be going home this weekend since my friends boyfriends coming and she doesn't want me here even though when mine came she never left us alone, yet she can kick me out of our dorm for the weekend. pretty hypocritcal (if that's how you spell it? haha) if you ask me. its kind of annoying but whatever. my boyfriends going home anyways so ill just see him at home.

i can't think of what i wanna be for halloween since almost all the girls costumes are slutty. its really bad. it got a lot worst.
like look at this costume:

might as well wear a bikini for halloween.
i think i might just be a robber, an appropriate robber though haha.

anyways. im gonna go do some more school workk