Monday, October 5, 2009

halloween costume?

wooops. i haven't written in my blog in a while. its so easy to forgett. plus i've been really busy with school work lately. i feel like its all piling up so quicklyy. i have another calc exam on wednesday and its mostly word problems and i really hate work problems. i am definately going to need to go to a calc review tomorrow and study for it.

so not much has happened lately, just doing lots and lots of school work. this weekend was pretty good. my boyfriend came from thursday to sunday so that was nice =] nothing much happened this weekend. we were gonna go to the football house on saturday but luckily we didn't cause it got busted haha. we still had fun here thoughh. sunday i basically did laundry like all day. laundry here takes so long. especially in samuel since the freakin dryers take hourse and hours to dry things. so i just washed my clothes here and took them over to segal to dry and it went by pretty fast. it was a pretty good workout walking back and forth though haha. oh that reminds me i've finally been working out. i'm really happy about that. i've been wanting to workout to badly while i was here and finally did with the equestrian team. i'll be working out on tuesdays and wednesdays =] pretty happy about thatt.

i think i'm gonna be going home this weekend since my friends boyfriends coming and she doesn't want me here even though when mine came she never left us alone, yet she can kick me out of our dorm for the weekend. pretty hypocritcal (if that's how you spell it? haha) if you ask me. its kind of annoying but whatever. my boyfriends going home anyways so ill just see him at home.

i can't think of what i wanna be for halloween since almost all the girls costumes are slutty. its really bad. it got a lot worst.
like look at this costume:

might as well wear a bikini for halloween.
i think i might just be a robber, an appropriate robber though haha.

anyways. im gonna go do some more school workk


  1. My friend wore that last year for Halloween and got a lot of looks, mostly form guys. lol

  2. haha oh woww. i would never have the guts to wear that.