Monday, October 19, 2009

busy weekendd.

i went home this weekend since i had a concert on saturday [which was amazing] pluss i had a horse show back home on sunday which went pretty well :]

friday night i was supposed to go to some haunted stuff like hayrides and corn mazes but it never really happened. i ended up just staying at my boyfriends and played some call of duty. i totally kicked his ass :] [notreally haha]

thennnnnn saturday i had an eye doctor appointment cause i needed new contacts. my visions still the same so thats a good thing. thennnnn we went to the concert to see all time lowwwww! wooo. they were playing with we the kings, hey monday, and friday night boys. they all did such an amazing job. hey monday joined in with one of all time lows song - it was so cute! heres a picture of one of the guitarists playing ontop of the speakers:

it was a really good show. i enjoyed myselfff :]
thennn the next morning i had a horse show at my old barn which i was really nervous about. i usually get nervous for shows [i've only shown 4 times haha] but i was more nervous about this show then any other one only because i used to write at this barn so i knew a lot of people who were there plus the trainers. and it was my first time showing in the division called pre-childrens. my division only had me and one other person though haha. and of course that one other person had to be like the best person at that barn. she used to live and texas and rode there most of her lifetime. and she has her own horse who she has been working with for a year and a half. ive only been riding for two and a half years lol. ohwell. i did pretty well i think. i got 2 firsts and 4 seconds. :] i was happy with the results considering all the above haha.
im so happy i just finished my midterm paper for english. that relieves so much stress. but i still have a bio exam on weds, plus a chem lab report due weds. and a quiz tomorrow on homework i didnt even do yet in chem. whenever i get work i get it like all at once. ill either never have work or have a shitload of work to do. its so annoying. whateverrrr, that's college.
im gonna go and attempt to do some workk. maybe get some studying in.
bye bye :]


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun and i bet you were glad to see your boyfriend :)

  2. Sounds like you have a really fun weekend, wish I could go home.