Wednesday, October 28, 2009

rain blows.

this weather is terribleee. make the rain go awayyyyyy.
i hate this rain. its so gloomy and boring and depressingg. plus it really sucks walking to class in this rain. luckily my chem lab class got canceled today which i was really happy about since i hate that class :]
i just finished writing my essay 2 paper for english. feels good to be done with it. now i have chem homework due tomorrow plus a lovely calc exam today at 3.05. woo .. can't waitt .. [sarcasm]. this calc exam is gonna suck cause there is so much possible material on it that i don't even know what to expect. whateverr, we'll see what happens. luckily he lets us have a cheat sheet of an index card with whatever we'd like on it :] prettyy sweet rightt? rightttttt.
halloweens this weekendd! its gonna be alot of fun i think. my boyfriends coming up and we're both gonna be cops haha. he's sick right now. hopefully he feels better by then. hes going home thursday night to go to the doctors. and i'm going home thursday night to get some last minute stuff before halloween since i don't have any class on friday :] thats what i love about my calc teacher. he'll give us some fridays off which is amazingggg.
im pretty hungry so i think im gonna go eat noww.
i shall blog later.
adios. :]

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  1. yea the rain so does suck and I also wish that it would go away.