Monday, September 21, 2009


hii everybodyyyyyyy. =]
im on the phone with my boyfriend right now tired and bored.
this weekend was pretty fun. it was nice to go home and see all my friends and family. i haven't seen my friends in a while so it was nice to see some of them even though a lot were at college. i also missed my dogs so much, i loved seeing them. =]
so i finally got my paper done todayy. and both my labs for chem and bio. and my calc exam is out of the way. now all i have is my bio exam. that's gonna be hard. should be fun ..
im tired so i think im gonna go to sleep sooon. eight am biology lab class tomorrow morning.
gooodnight guysss. =]

Friday, September 18, 2009

man i love collegee [just not the work]

college comes with so much workk. and of course i get a lot right before im about to go home for the weekend. i went to my boyfriends yesterday night and then we drove home today and ill probably go back to delval on sunday. but i have a calc exam on monday and then a paper due on tuesday and another exam for biology. should be a fun weekendd.
didn't really do much this week. i was a movie on tuesday. i think it was called i can be bad all by myself with tyler perry. it was a really good movie. then i did a little studying with my friends for biology on wednesday, then went to a party afterr. then last night i went to my boyfriends college at jersey and we watched a movie called good will hunting. HIGHLY recommended. its a really good movie with matt damon and ben affleck. you guys should see it =] and now i just got home and there's not much to do. basically everyones at college. i need to go to the mall though and get some stuff. i might do that soon.
well ill blog some more another day.
peaceouttt. =]

Sunday, September 13, 2009

my weekendd. =]

so this weekend was pretty good. my boyfriend came and visited me at college from friday to saturday. we didn't really do muchh but it was nice seeing him since he goes to college in new jersey. we did get to go to ritas, planet smoothie, and my favorite place everrrr, saladworks =] yummm. saladworks is amazing. if only i had a car here, i would go everyysingleedayy.
me and my roommate also tried out for th equestrian team this weekend. it was so weird to ride since i haven't ridden in so long. the horse that i rode for the jumping class was really weird though. we would land a jump and he would like swing his head around everywhere. like he just wanted to go. i didn't mind though since i used to ride a horse who was somewhat similar to that. we didn't make the team though. just the club. i wasn't really expecting to make the team since everyone else who was trying out had like 10 years on us haha. we've only been riding for like 2 years. and have only shown 3 times. one wasn't even like a real show. one of them was an A rated show though and i got second overall =] it was alot of fun. i don't mind that i didn't make the team though. i would rather not show. too much pressure. and ill have more time for school workk so its all goood. =]
anywayss, me and my roommate just got back from taking pictures of the farm and all the animals for the photocontest. i love taking pictures. it'd be nice if i had a nicer camera though haha. all the little baby animals are so cuteee. when i get older im hoping to live on a farm with some horses, pigs, cows and llamas. that's my dream farm. i really like delvals atmosphere because its so farmy. i would hate to live in the city. i never would live in the city period.
well, im off to go eat. im starvingggg. then probably sleep or the vma's or something. 8am bio class. woo .. can't waitt .. that class is extremely boring. but whatever. just have to deal with itt. that's collegeee. gotta love it.
ill blog some more sooon!
peacepeace. =]