Friday, September 18, 2009

man i love collegee [just not the work]

college comes with so much workk. and of course i get a lot right before im about to go home for the weekend. i went to my boyfriends yesterday night and then we drove home today and ill probably go back to delval on sunday. but i have a calc exam on monday and then a paper due on tuesday and another exam for biology. should be a fun weekendd.
didn't really do much this week. i was a movie on tuesday. i think it was called i can be bad all by myself with tyler perry. it was a really good movie. then i did a little studying with my friends for biology on wednesday, then went to a party afterr. then last night i went to my boyfriends college at jersey and we watched a movie called good will hunting. HIGHLY recommended. its a really good movie with matt damon and ben affleck. you guys should see it =] and now i just got home and there's not much to do. basically everyones at college. i need to go to the mall though and get some stuff. i might do that soon.
well ill blog some more another day.
peaceouttt. =]

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  1. Get ready for lots of work because that doesn't change. You got to find a way to balance the time that you have to work and the time that you go have fun.