Monday, September 21, 2009


hii everybodyyyyyyy. =]
im on the phone with my boyfriend right now tired and bored.
this weekend was pretty fun. it was nice to go home and see all my friends and family. i haven't seen my friends in a while so it was nice to see some of them even though a lot were at college. i also missed my dogs so much, i loved seeing them. =]
so i finally got my paper done todayy. and both my labs for chem and bio. and my calc exam is out of the way. now all i have is my bio exam. that's gonna be hard. should be fun ..
im tired so i think im gonna go to sleep sooon. eight am biology lab class tomorrow morning.
gooodnight guysss. =]


  1. aww lucky i want to go home for the weekend.....

  2. I wish that I could go home and see my friends.

  3. everyones at college thoughh when i go homee